EVA-2011 Москва: Информационное общество, культура, образование

«EVA Москва» – это одна из наиболее авторитетных и влиятельных конференций в сфере культуры и информационных технологий, состав ее участников в 2011 году насчитывает более 400 специалистов архивного, музейного и библиотечного дела.

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Storytelling: Global Reflections on Narrative

Michna Palace

Human life is conducted through story, which comes naturally to us. Sharing stories is arguably the most important way we have of communicating with others about who we are and what we believe; about what we are doing and have done; about our hopes and fears; about what we value and what we don’t. We learn about and make sense of our lives by telling the stories that we live; and we learn about other lives by listening to the stories told by others. Sometimes, under the influence of the culture in which we are immersed, we live our lives in ways that try to create the stories we want to be able to tell about them.

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