Relationships between Diasporas and Their 'Homelands' and Their Impact on the State, National Identities, and Peace & Conflict

The conference organizers encourage the presentation of papers on the increasingly systematic and intense relationships between Diaspora communities and their communities of origin. What are the emerging patterns in this new development and what are their basic features? What are the most appropriate theoretical concepts and structures that best describe and analyze these new patterns (e.g., transnationalism, cosmopolitanism, etc.)? Are second- and third-generation migrants implicated in these new developments? If yes, what are the character and the extent of this involvement? Participants are encouraged to pay special attention to the role of diasporic associations (hometown associations, political groups, charitable and village associations, religious groups and institutions, etc.) and their homeland counterparts, as well as the states of the sending (homeland) countries and their agencies abroad (e.g., embassies and consulates).

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