Крупные международные конференции

«Византийская агиография: темы, тексты и проекты»

12–14 ноября 2012 г. в Свято-Тихоновском университете пройдет конференция «Византийская агиография: темы, тексты и проекты». Данная конференция станет уже пятой в рамках совместного проекта «Византийское богословие», который осуществляется Богословским факультетом ПСТГУ и Центром гуманистических исследований Венецианского университета Ка Фоскари.

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Orderic Vitalis: New Perspectives on the Historian and his World

Durham cathedral

The life and works of Orderic Vitalis (1075-c.1142) are widely regarded as providing some of the most important evidence for our understanding of the history of the Anglo-Norman world. Orderic is known principally for his extensive thirteen-book Historia ecclesiastica (completed 1141); a text which has long been recognised as a treasure trove of factual information and contemporary opinion. The work has been explored at length by some of the most influential Anglo-Norman and French scholars of the last three centuries, and today no survey of contemporary church, political or social history is complete without consultation of Orderic's narrative. However, while many have used Orderic as a source for enquiry, the Historia's sheer size and scope have ensured that many of its major themes remain largely untouched.

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“Family and Children in the Patristic Tradition”

The Conference Theme: Children play a surprising role in several of the narratives in the canonical gospels. They are even viewed by Jesus as paradigmatic of the Kingdom of God, -- “to such as these the Kingdom of Heaven belongs” (Mat 19:14). In other writings of the New Testament, and in the later patristic corpus, the treatment of children is more varied and complex, including shared viewpoints with the Greco-Roman culture. The purpose of our conference is to engage those patristic writings, Greek, Latin and Syriac, that treat the subjects of family and children; we will seek to examine both theological and socio-historical treatments of the family and children, attempting to deal with any gaps between the theoretical and the historical. Paper proposals that examine the use of “family” and “children” as metaphors will also be welcomed, including those treating monasticism.

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Romance in Medieval Britain

24–26 March, 2012
St Hugh's College, University of Oxford

Call for Papers

Papers are invited on all aspects of romance, its circulation and reception in and around the Insular Middle Ages. The conference coincides with a major exhibition, ‘The Romance of the Middle Ages’, at the Bodleian Library, Oxford. Papers that address aspects of romance and materiality are particularly welcome, for example:
• texts and textuality, in manuscript or print • the body and the sensual • objects, spaces and places • romance and medieval material culture.

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A Celebration of Living Theology - A conference in Honour of Andrew Louth

Durham University in conjunction with the Department of Theology and Religion will be hosting the conference ‘A celebration of living theology: Engaging with the work of Andrew Louth’ on 9-12 July 2012 at Durham University. The conference aims to celebrate the work of Prof. Andrew Louth in the areas of Patristics, both Western and Eastern, Modern Theology and Theology as Life, as well as explore its reception outside the English-speaking world.

VIII Российско-испанский коллоквиум историков «Россия и Испания: традиции межкультурного диалога»


VIII Российско-испанский коллоквиум историков

«Россия и Испания:

традиции межкультурного диалога»

Москва, 31 октября - 1 ноября 2011


Институт всеобщей истории Российской академии наук

Российский государственный гуманитарный университет

Институт истории Центра гуманитарных и социальных наук

Высшего Совета научных исследований Испании

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Engagements, experiments, multiple & permanent field sites: Fieldwork in Africa today: Max- Planck-Institute for Social Anthropology, Halle, main seminar room 30 & 31 March 2012, 14 :00 to 17:00, 10:00 to 16:00

The aim of the workshop is to invite outstanding junior scholars (EASA members) engaged in current research projects in the Anthropology of African societies, primarily to discuss issues of research methods, strategies of fieldwork and reflexivity, related to ongoing research projects. The workshop, that also includes experienced senior scholars, is intended to provide a space of exchange and discussion. Basically, anthropological fieldwork rests upon an a priori of participant observation, engaged dialogic practices and an involvement in the daily lives of people we study.

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GAA Conference 2011: "Wa(h)re 'Kultur'" - Cultural Heritage, Revitalisation and the Renaissance of the Idea of Culture

Welcome to the conference website of the German Anthropological Association GAA (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Völkerkunde DGV). The GAA will hold its next biannual meeting in Vienna from September, 14th, until September, 17th. We are very pleased to organise this conference in collaboration with our Austrian partners.

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European Social Science History Conference 2012 (April 11 up to and including April 14 2012 in Glasgow, Scotland)

Logo European Social Science History Conference

The Culture Network, one of the larger networks within the ESSHC, invites you to offer a proposal for a paper or a session for the 2012 Conference. The ESSHC will take place from Wednesday April 11 up to and including April 14 2012 in Glasgow, Scotland.

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The 10th Conference of the European Sociological Association, University of Geneva, 7th-10th September 2011

The 10th Conference of the European Sociological Association

The European Sociological Association invites PhD students from all countries to submit their proposals for participation in a PhD Workshop. We welcome contributions from all areas of sociology that are related to the theme of the 10th ESA Conference ‘Social Relations in Turbulent Times’ (www.esa10thconference.com), including macro and micro-sociological approaches as well as theoretical and empirical papers. The Workshop will be held prior to the 10th Conference of the European Sociological Association hosted by the University of Geneva. It aims to explore the challenges of the various ‘turbulences’ of contemporary societies from different sociological perspectives. Key note lectures given by members of the ESA Executive and plenary discussions will be combined with in-depth workshops that provide opportunities for presenting PhD research.

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3nd Conference "Scientific Computing and Cultural Heritage". SCCH 2011, July 7th-9th 1011, Heidelberg, Germany

IWR and the Heidelberg University in collaboration with the Academy of Science, Baden-Wuerttemberg are organizing the third conference on topics of computational and mathematical methods in application areas of cultural heritage.

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Viva Africa 2011 - Multiple identities in postcolonial Africa (date: May 5-6, 2011)

University of Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

Linguists, anthropologists, political scientists, historians, and other researchers, who have Africa as their field of study, are welcome. The conference is open for professors, academic scholars, PhD. students, and other specialists who want to present results of their primary research. The language of the conference will be English. Venue: University of Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

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4th European Conference on African Studies (15-18 June, 2011 in Uppsala, Sweden)

Logo 4th European Conference on African Studies

The 4th European Conference on African Studies (ECAS 4) will be convened in Uppsala, Sweden on 15-18 June 2011. ECAS 4 is co-organised by NAI and African Studies in Europe (AEGIS). The agreed theme of the conference is Africa Engagements: On Whose Terms? The following paper outlines and expands the theme.

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