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A Cross-Disciplinary, International Conference Convened at SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY—MADRID CAMPUS 19-21 APRIL 2012
In the “Saturated Self”, Kenneth Gergen responds to globalization and the ballyhooed “communications revolution” by coining the term “multiphrenia”; this neologism accounts for “the splitting of the individual into a multiplicity of self-investments”. On this theorization, new technologies have saturated the subject in multiple competing paradigms, values, ways of life, modes of communicating, ideologies, and technological substrates. Without undue nostalgia, we may posit the subject not as a stable monad – but as a malleable conglomerate of relationships in an online and offline socio-cultural milieu with some new (and not so new) ideological and material concomitants.
The objective of this international and cross-disciplinary conference is to investigate the overarching concepts of identity, culture and communication as well as the relationships among them. Some orienting questions: What ideologies and their associated subjectivities have been enabled (or transmutated) by globalization and the “communications revolution”? How is the subject represented on screen and in new media – and to what effect? Has space been cleared for a revival of social class in discussions of identity? As globalization plays out, what is the relation between Self and Other, between Us and Them? How do scholars move beyond 1990s concepts of identity and identity politics? What is the place of agency?
Areas of interest: Interpersonal communication and relationships, new media, the theory of ideology and the subject, critical accounts of commercial culture, ethnography, intercultural communication, international journalism, international education, conflict, subcultures, identity on screen, immigration and media, discourse studies.
KEY NOTE ADDRESS: Professor James Curran, Director of Goldsmiths Leverhulme Media Research Center, University of London: “Demystifying the Internet”
SPECIFICATIONS: To apply, please send the following material to the committee: (1) An abstract of 250-350 words; (2) 5 keywords; (3) Name, affiliation and contact information.
ABSTRACTS DUE: 5 January 2012. LANGUAGES: Paper and address may be in English or in Spanish. CONFERENCE DATES: Thursday, 19 April - Saturday, 21 April, 2012. LOCATION: Saint Louis University-Madrid, Spain Campus. EMAIL ADDRESS: