38th Annual AAH Conference & Bookfair

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The 2012 AAH Annual Conference will showcase the diversity and richness of art history in the UK and globally over an extensive chronological range. Like The Open University itself, AAH2012 is open to all people, places and ideas. This three-day event will profice a broad scope of geographies and methodologies, ranging from object-based studies, socio-historical analyses, theoretical discourses, visual culture of the moving image, exhibition cultures and display. Sessions and papers will reflect the composition of the wide consituency that is art history today.

The AAH2012 annual conference and bookfair will take place at The Open University's Walton Hall Campus. This site is located just outside of Milton Keynes, a short bus or taxi ride from the central train station. The campus is located within beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside and boasts a number of specially comissioned public sculptures, as well as a fascinating OU archive.

AAH2012 Call for Papers
View Academic Session listings or (Download PDF)
If you would like to propose a paper, please email the session convenor(s) directly. You will need to submit an abstract of your proposed paper in no more than 250 words, your name and insitututional affiliation (if you have one). You should receive acknowledgement of receipt of your submission within two weeks. Send your paper proposals to the Session Convenor(s) only. Also read the Conditions of Submission if you are considering submitting a paper.
Paper proposal deadline: 7 November 2011

Keynote Speakers:

Lord Puttnam, Chancellor of The Open University (Thursday 29 March, 17.40-18.30,)
Penelope Curtis, Director, Tate Britain. Building on History; A New Archaeology - Tate Britain and the Millbank Project. Penelope Curtis will explore thinking on reconfiguring a museum of British art alongside a concurrent building project in anticipation of a relaunch in 2013. (Friday 30 March, 17.40 - 18.30)

Keynote events and special interest sessions/workshops will celebrate the strengths and respond to the challenges that face art history now, whilst the book fair, receptions, and visits will provide opportunities for delegates to relax and network.