Пересечения в культурологии. Crossroads in Cultural Studies

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Конференция состоится 2-6 июля 2012 года в Париже, Франция.

Организатор: ЮНЕСКО и Университет Сорбонны. Участие в конференции — бесплатное. К участию приглашаются студенты, аспиранты и ученые. Последний срок подачи заявки — 30 сентября 2011 года. Конференция посвящена широкому округу тем, связанных с исследованиями разных культур. Официальные языки: английский и французский.

Предложенные темы:

* Мультикультурализм и Европа
* Демократизация и новые СМИ
* Арабские и мусульманские революции
* Постколониальная Африка
* Экологическая справедливость
* Трансмедия и конвергенция культуры
* Экономика, кризис и культуры
* Продукты питания и вкусы
* Сексуальность
* Национализм
* Отцовство
* Мода
* Политика аффектов
* Исследования на животных
* Исследования посвященные проблематике инвалидности

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Сайт конференции: http://www.crossroads2012.org/?q=en/node/5

We are pleased to announce that the 9th International Conference Crossroads in Cultural Studies will be held in Paris, France, from July 2nd to 6th, 2012, hosted by Sorbonne Nouvelle University with the support of the French National Commission for UNESCO.

The city of Paris has a long and complex history as a crossroad between cultures and peoples. Paris has played an important role in the development and circulation of the works of authors and thinkers that have shaped the postcolonial imagination in a significant way. Drawing on their tradition of comprehensive and critical thought, the organizers seek contributions in the form of papers and panels that will continue to examine the intersection between culture, power and knowledge from within the framework of Cultural Studies.

The conference will also be hosted by UNESCO, the international organization that has always championed cultural diversity and difference. Given the long association between Cultural Studies research and UNESCO, this conference should be an occasion for Cultural Studies to look back on its own evolution as well as explore new scholarly insights. We believe UNESCO will also offer an exceptional platform to discuss important current issues and contribute to the visibility of Cultural Studies in France and Europe.

Since its inception in 1996 in Tampere, Finland, the Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference has played an important role in the creation of a global discussion about Cultural Studies. It has become a major international conference where scholars from all five continents gather regularly to exchange research, views and insights. Organized by the Association for Cultural Studies (ACS), the Crossroads Conference is held every other year in different parts of the world. Previous conferences have taken place in Birmingham (United Kingdom), Urbana-Champaign (USA), Istanbul (Turkey), Kingston (Jamaica), and Hong Kong (China).

Contact: crossroads2012@univ-paris3.fr