Viva Africa 2011 - Multiple identities in postcolonial Africa (date: May 5-6, 2011)

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Venue: University of Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

The fifty years since most African colonies became independent has been marked on the group and personal level by the emergence and shift of multiple identities. Africans have become workers, traditionalists, employers, employees, party members, voters, politicians, migrants, tribalized and detribalized, literates, illiterates, HIV positives, allochthons, autochthons, "havebeens", etc. Often people were suffering or profiting because of these new identities. By putting forward the question of acquiring and shifting identities in the life of today's Africans, the convenors of the Viva Africa conference intend to turn attention to that aspect of African social and political life which has often been simplified or ignored. We believe that the topic addresses most Africanists, whether European, African or other.

Linguists, anthropologists, political scientists, historians, and other researchers, who have Africa as their field of study, are welcome. The conference is open for professors, academic scholars, PhD. students, and other specialists who want to present results of their primary research. The language of the conference will be English.

Keynote lecture will be pronounced by
Professor Robert Thornton (University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa)
Preliminary title: Identities, failed identities, and social ontologies (in Africa)


There are no conference fees, but the participants are expected to cover their accommodation and travel expenses in full. The organizers will provide information about suitable lodging, its reservation, optimal travel routing and general local conditions in Hradec Králové.


Please send your abstracts of max. 300 words before 10 February, 2011, to

Abstracts will be selected by the scientific committee composed of Czech Africanists:

Vlastimil Fiala, Hana Horáková, Jan Klíma, Tomáš Machalík, Kateřina Mildnerová, Jan Prouza, Petr Skalník and Jan Záhořík.

Successful abstract authors will be invited not later than February 28, 2011 to submit their full-length papers and participate as paper givers in the conference.


Your paper should be submitted to the conference organizers as an e-mail attachment. The attachment should be in doc-file named after the author's surname. The paper should be not longer than 35, 000 characters with spaces. All manuscripts must be written in English; authors whose English is non-native are requested to have their manuscript reviewed for language before submission. Each manuscript should include the title, author's names, institution, address, and e-mail address. Pages should be using Times New Roman font, size 12 for body of the text and size 14 for headers.

Full-length papers have to be submitted (via the above mentioned e-mail address) by May 31, 2011.

A monograph will be published in due course. The scientific committee will review the submitted papers and select for publication.


Please, use citation in text according to the following pattern:
(Schlee 1977: 272)
(Machalík 2007)
(Teshome and Záhořík 2006: 33)
(Wisner et al. 2005)


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